Where fashion meets compassion

Luxury Fashion

Zitamilano is a Luxury fashion brand pioneering label that seamlessly merges the world of fashion with the importance of mental health awareness. Founded 2016 by visionary designer Zita Obakponovwe has taken the fashion industry by storm with its unique approach to promoting mental well-being through high-end fashion.

Inspired by the Belief

Inspired by the belief that fashion has the power to empower and uplift individuals, Zitamilano seeks to break the stigma surrounding mental health by creating luxurious and stylish clothing that promotes self-expression and self-care. Each collection is thoughtfully designed to not only make a fashion statement but also to spread messages of positivity, resilience, and self-acceptance.

Zitamilano Collaborations

Zitamilano collaborates with renowned mental health advocates, artists, and photographers to create collections that not only reflect the latest fashion trends but also raise awareness and spark conversations about mental health. Through their designs, Zitamilano aims to create a community that supports and uplifts individuals on their mental health journey.

Mental Health Initiatives

In addition to our fashion collections, Zitamilano will actively supports mental health initiatives and organisation’s by combining fashion with mental health advocacy. With our commitment to quality craftsmanship, unique designs, and meaningful messaging, Zitamilano has become a prominent luxury fashion brand that not only caters to fashion-conscious individuals but also serves as a platform for mental health awareness. Through our innovative approach, Zitamilano is redefining the boundaries of luxury fashion, proving that fashion can be both stylish and socially conscious.